Our Modest Proposal:

We modestly propose a Simple Six-Point Plan:

1. Outlaw plane travel

2. Outlaw meat-eating

3. Outlaw private motor vehicles

4. Outlaw coal power stations

5. Outlaw exports of uranium, coal and steel

6. Outlaw imports of unnecessary plastic objects 6a. Encourage exports of Dissatisfied Australians

Intrigued? Excited? Worried about your future?

Click here to complete our Professional Risk Assessment document, then find out more about the benefits of sensible future planning.

About apocalypsenowparty

Inspired by George Monbiot, Mahatma Gandhi and Pol Pot, we enjoy Cultural Revolutions, re-building society from scratch, and saving humanity from itself. We believe in Year Zero Carbon. We are committed to "shifting the goalposts" of environmental policy deep into the jungle, and reclaiming the "loony left" for the REAL loonies.
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1 Response to Our Modest Proposal:

  1. Dion Kagan says:

    Holy guacamole! After an hour of Tony Abbot on qanda, ANP is looking pretty goddamn refreshing.

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